The best designers and milling facility in the nation is only a few clicks away


We can manufacture with any material

Utilize our own formula of Vitality Zirconia for optimal aesthetics, strength and savings.


Send us both physical and digital impressions

Our 4-day in-lab turnaround is standard, and we provide free shipping.


American Made Quality Control

All restorations are made in the USA, call our headquarters to communicate with our technicians directly.


HIPPA Compliant Technology Stack

Our greater than military grade encryption allows our designers to work remotely.

Take the Dental Laboratory with you. Digital design on any device, anywhere.

Unrivaled in State of the Art Technology

Vitality Laboratories

To get the best designers you need to be flexible, and with Vitality Digident we're as flexible as can be. Our team aims to be the best in the world, so we let our designers work remotely to churn out the highest quality designs.



Calling all designers!
Digident is platform-agnostic, access state of the
art dental design technology from anywhere, from any device


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